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General information The temporalis muscle is a thin, fan-shaped muscle located in the temporal fossa. This muscle makes up the masticatory muscle group, along with the medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid and masseter muscles. Literal...

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Triceps Brachii

General information The triceps brachii is a relatively large muscle located on the arm, running down the back of the humerus and ending at the top of the ulna. This muscle has the primary responsibility for extending the elbow joint. It is...

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General information The suboccipitals are a muscle compartment, situated inferiorly to the external occipital protuberance and the inferior nuchal line. The muscles are a pyramidal shape and is made up of four small muscles found in pairs:...

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Occipitalis (head)

General information Occipitalis is often referred to as the occipital belly of the epicranius muscle. Literal meaning The muscle on the back of the skull. Interesting information The occipitalis muscle, or occipital belly, is a muscle...

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General information Occipitofrontalis is a scalp muscle that is long and wide. This muscle and the temporoparietalis make up the epicranial group of the facial expression muscles. Literal meaning The muscle upon the skull that goes from the...

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Generalinformation Procerus is a small, triangular muscle in the head that occupies the glabella, the area between the eyebrows. The muscle, along with the nasalis, levator nasolabialis and depressor septi nasi, make up the facial muscles...

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Rectus Capitis Anterior

General information The rectus capitis anterior muscle is a flat, short muscle that is nestled behind the upper portion of the longus capitis. Literal meaning Straight muscle of the back of the head. Interesting information Nestled deep...

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Rectus Capitis Lateralis

General information The rectus capitis lateralis is a flat, short muscle that rises from the upper surface in the transverse processes of the atlas. It is inserted into the underneath surface in the jugular process for the occipital bone....

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Rectus Capitis Posterior Major

General information The Rectus capitis posterior major emerges via a pointed tendon out of the spinous process of the axis. As is ascends, it becomes broader. It is inserted into the lateral portion of the occipital bone and the inferior...

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Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor

General information The Rectus capitis posterior minor erupts via a narrow tendon that is pointed out of the tubercle of the posterior arch for the atlas. As it ascends, it widens. It is inserted through the medial portion for the occipital...

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Medial Pterygoid

General information The medial pterygoid works in combination with the masseter to aid in chewing. Literal meaning Wing-shaped – The muscle that attaches to the wing-shaped process of the sphenoid bone. Interesting information Medial...

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Longus Capitis

General information Longus capitis is a deep, neck muscle situated anteriorly to the cervical spine. The prevertebral layer of neck muscles is comprised of the longus capitis, the rectus capitis anterior, rectus capitis lateralis, longus...