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Lateral Pterygoid

General information The lateral pterygoid, also known as the external pterygoid, is a muscle of mastication (chewing). Literal meaning The wing-shaped muscle to the side. Interesting information The lateral pterygoid muscle has two distinct...

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Inferior Oblique

General information Inferior oblique is a thin, narrow eye muscle and belongs to the group of six extraocular muscles or the orbit’s extrinsic muscles. Literal meaning The lower slanting muscle (of the eye). Interesting information...

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Geniohyoid (chin)

General information The geniohyoid is a small muscle that runs from the chin to the hyoid bone. It is part of the suprahyoid muscle group. Literal meaning The muscle of the chin and the U-shaped bone. Interesting information The geniohyoid...

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General information Frontalis, also referred to as the epicranius, is a muscle of the forehead which adheres to the superficial fascia. It is often considered to be synonymous with the occipitofrontalis muscle. Literal meaning The muscle at...

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Extraocular Muscles

General information Eye movement is controlled by 6 extraocular muscles, with another controlling elevation of the eyelid. The engagement of these muscles is determined by the eye position during muscle contraction. Literal meaning...

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Skull or Facial Fracture

A facial fracture is when one or more of the bones in your face end up broken. The bones in the face encompass those surrounding the eye, nose, jaw and cheekbones. Facial fractures might end up causing damage to surrounding tissue. Facial...

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Facial Palsy (Bell ’s Palsy)

Facial palsy causes a sudden weakness in the face muscles. Half of the face appears to drop down. Your smile becomes more one-sided and the eye on that side of the face doesn’t want to close. The condition can occur at any age. Even...

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Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that alter the manner in which your brain functions. Most of the time, the effects are only temporary, but they can include problems with concentration, judgment, headaches, memory and coordination....