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Ankle articles

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Peroneus Brevis

General information Peroneus brevis is the smaller of two lateral muscles of the leg that assists in plantar flexing and everting the foot and providing lateral stability to the ankle. Literal meaning Short muscle of the brooch, or fibula....

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Peroneus Longus

General information The peroneus longus is a superficial muscle located in the lateral part of the leg. It works to plantar and evert flex the ankle. This muscle is the longest of all three fibularis muscles. It is attached to the fibula...

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Peroneus Tertius

General information The peroneus tertius is a muscle found in the lower limb of the human body. It comes from the lower third portion of the fibula’s anterior surface, from the intermuscular septum and the lower portion of the...

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Gastrocnemius (leg)

General information Gastrocnemius is a strong and prominent muscle of the lower leg. It is part of the calf muscle group. Literal meaning The belly muscle of the leg. Interesting information The name of gastrocnemius is derived from the...

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Flexor Hallucis Longus (leg)

General information Flexor hallucis longus is one of the muscles of the leg situated deep in the posterior compartment. Literal meaning The long muscle that flexes (bends) the big toe. Interesting information Flexor hallucis longus is...

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Extensor Digitorum Brevis

General information The Extensor digitorum brevis – occasionally referred to as EDB – is a small muscle on the dorsum of the foot that is involved in the extension of digits two-through-four. Literal meaning The literal meaning...

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Extensor Digitorum Longus

General information The extensor digitorum longus is a pennate muscle located in the lower anterior portion of the leg, responsible for extension of the toes and dorsiflexion of the ankle. Literal meaning The literal meaning of extensor...

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Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts are a noncancerous lump that tends to develop along the joints or the tendons within the hands and the wrists. They can also occur in the feet and the ankles. They are generally a round or oval shape and consist of a...

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Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

 This common foot pain is often seen in athletes, especially runners. Often times, the condition is thought to be Achilles tendonitis, but it can also occur at the same time as Achilles tendonitis. Common symptoms include a pain in the...

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Eversion Sprain of the Ankle

It is very common to twist your ankle, and it often occurs in childhood. If your ankle becomes swollen and painful following that twist, you might have sprained it. This means you have probably stretched or town the ligaments that make up...

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Talus Fracture

The talus is a reasonably large foot bone that sits next to the heel bone. It has a keystone shape to it, almost like that of a turtle. The bones in the lower leg will ride on the top and sides to create the ankle joint. Where the foot and...