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Knee articles

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Tensor Fascia Latae

General information The tensor fascia latae is one of the muscles located within the thigh. Literal meaning Stretcher of the side band. Interesting information Various factors can make an individual more prone to Iliotibial Band Syndrome,...

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Tibialis Anterior

General information The tibialis anterior originates in the upper two-thirds of the lateral surface from the tibia. It inserts into the first metatarsal and first cuneiform bones within the foot. The muscle works to invert and dorsiflex the...

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Tibialis Posterior

General information The tibialis posterior is one of the most central muscles in the leg. It is located within the posterior part of the leg. It acts as the key stabilising muscle within the lower leg. Literal meaning After, or behind, the...

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Vastus Intermedius

General information This muscle arises out of the lateral and front surfaces of the body for the femur within the upper two-thirds. It sits under the rectus femoris and the lower portion of the lateral intermuscular septum. The fibres end...

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Vastus Lateralis

General information The vastus lateralis is the largest part of the quadriceps femoris. It rises from a broad aponeurosis tendon, which covers the upper three-quarters of the muscle. The muscle arises from several areas of the femur: the...

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General information The semimembranosus muscle is located in the back of the thigh. Out of the three hamstring muscles, it is the most medial. Literal meaning Half skin. Interesting information Most of the time, an injury to this muscle...

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General information As the longest muscle in the body, the Sartorius muscle is a long, thin muscle running down the length of the thigh, amongst the anterior compartment. The upper portion forms the lateral border for the femoral triangle....

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General information This muscle is situated at the base of the thigh. The muscle is just one of the hamstrings in the human body. Literal meaning Half stretch. Interesting information Athletes are one of the most common groups of people to...

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General information The Soleus is one of the powerful muscles located in the back part of the calf. It runs from just beneath the knee all the way down to the heel. Due to its close connection with the gastrocnemius, some anatomists...

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General nformation The plantaris muscle is often disregarded as a small, functionless muscle. It is approximately 2-4 inches in length comprised of a thin elongated tendon and a slender muscle belly. Though often deemed unimportant, it is...

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General information Popliteus is the small muscle located behind the knee joint and flexes and medially rotates the leg at the knee. Literal meaning Ham of the knee. Interesting information Popliteus is a small muscle located at the back of...

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General information The Quadriceps femoris are a group of four muscles in the anterior thigh compartment or the thigh extensors. They are also knee extensors and due to their size, form the bulk of the anterior thigh, covering most of the...