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Neck articles

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General information Thyrohyoid is a small, quadrilateral muscle located in the neck’s anterior triangle. It belongs to a group of muscles known as the infrahyoid muscles. There are four infrahyoid muscles in total - the others being...

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Semispinalis Capitis

General information The Semispinalis capitis is found at the upper back portion of the neck, medial to the longissimus, capitis and cervicis and deep to the splenius. This muscle is part of the transversospinales muscle group. The muscle...

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Semispinalis Cervicis

General information This muscle arises out of a series of tendinous and fleshy fibres out of the transverse processes for the upper five to six vertebrae. It is inserted into the cervical spinal processes out of the axis and to the fifth...

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Spinalis Capitis

General information The Spinalis capitis is often connected with the Semispinalis capitis. Literal meaning Thorn head. Interesting information Common activities that cause pain in the Spinalis capitis are whiplash, cervical collar, stress,...

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Spinalis Cervicis

General information This inconstant muscle arises from the lower portion of the ligamentum nuchae, the spinous process from the seventh cervical, and at times from the spinous process of the first and the second thoracic vertebrae. It is...

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Splenius Cervicis

General information The Splenius cervicis is a muscle found in the back of the neck. This muscle rises by a narrow tendinous band out of the spinous processes from the third to the sixth thoracic vertebrae. The muscle is inserted from...

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Splenius Capitis

General information The Splenius capitis is a strap like, broad muscle located on the back of the neck. It pulls on the skull’s base from the vertebrae in the upper thorax and the neck. It is involved in simple movements such as being...

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General information The Sternohyoid is a narrow, thin muscle that attaches the hyoid bone to the sternum, which is one of the paired strap muscles from the infrahyoid muscles that serves to depress the hyoid bone. It is innervated by the...

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General information The Sternocleidomastoid is a paired muscle within the superficial layers out of the anterior portion of the neck. It is one of the largest and most superficial cervical muscles. Literal meaning The clavicle shape or...

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General information The Sternothyroid muscle is found in the neck, and is situated below the sternohyoid muscle. It is shorter and wider than the sternohyoid. It comes from the posterior surface extending from the manubrium sterni, which is...

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General information The stylohyoid muscle is a slender muscle in the neck, which lies along the upper edge of the posterior belly of the digastris muscle. The muscle shares its innervations with the facial nerve. Its function is to draw the...

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Obliquus Capitis Inferior

General information Obliquus capitis inferior is a muscle of the lateral sides of the neck that slant downward. Literal meaning Lower slanting muscle of the head. Interesting information Obliquus capitis inferior is a skeletal muscle of the...