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Patient exercise software

Add your patient's data

Exercises software

Choose between more than 2000 exercises in our RMP database or create your exercise!

Exercise plan software

Print download or email exercise plan to patient.

Key features

Exercise software exercises

More than 2000 exercises

In our database you can find more than 2000 exercises with images, linearts and HD videos. If you can't find one you can create your own custom exercise!

Exercise software

Easily find any exercise

You can filter all exercises by Category, Diagnosis or Muscles! Also we made a super fast search so you can find any exercise very quickly.

Custom Exercise software

Customize exercises

Once you have added all the exercises for your exercise plan, you can then type how many repetitions should be done, or how long each stretch should be held for or or change the exercise description.

Exercise software generate pdf

Generate Exercise plan PDF & more

Generate fully customizable exercise plan PDFs and email them to your patient, download or print them!

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