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Thoracic Spine articles

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Transversus Thoracis

General information The transversus thoracis muscle is a thin muscle situated on the interior aspect of the anterior thoracic wall and its function includes pulling the rib cartilages caudally, in turn supporting expiration. Literal meaning...

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Semispinalis Thoracis

General information The Semispinalis thoracis muscle consists of narrow, thin, fleshy fascicule that is interposed between the surrounding tendons of considerable length. It erupts from a series of small tendons out of the transverse...

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Spinalis Thoracis

General information Spinalis thoracis is barely separated as one of its own muscles. It is nestled at the medial side of the longissimus dorsi and is blended intimately with it, united with the semispinalis dorsi which is immediately...

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Pectoralis Minor

General information Pectoralis minor is a skeletal muscle that pushes forward and draws down the scapula or raises the ribs. It also stabilizes the scapula during movement. Literal meaning Lesser breast. Interesting information Pectoralis...

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Rotatores Longi

General information Rotatores muscles are a group of short muscles found on the lateral aspect of the vertebral column. The rotatores are part of the transversospinal muscles, along with the semispinalis and multifidus. The rotatores are...

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Longissimus Thoracis

General information The longissimus muscles are long intrinsic muscles in the back and form the erector spinae together with the spinalis and iliocostalis. Longissimus thoracis is the longest, thickest, and most central of the erector...

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Latissimus Dorsi

General information Latissimus dorsi is a large, broad muscle of the back. Literal meaning The broadest muscle of the back. Interesting information As its Latin name suggests, latissimus dorsi is a very large muscle of the back. It is...

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Iliocostalis Cervicis

General information The Iliocostalis is one of the accessory muscles to inspiration as well as being part of the erector spinae muscles. Literal meaning The muscle between the ribs in the loin region. Interesting information The...

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Erector Spinae

General information The erector spinae muscles are part of the intrinsic back muscles and form the intermediate layer. The erector spinae are situated superficial to the transversospinales muscles and deep to the serratus posterior superior...

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Thoracic Spine Pain

Upper back pain is common, although less prevalent than lower back pain. Typically pain is caused between the shoulder blades. The pain can be felt across the shoulders, upper back, shoulder blades and ribs. Sometimes the pain can travel...

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Costochondritis is when the cartilage connecting the breastbone and the rib becomes inflamed, the junction is referred to as the costosternal joint. Pain from this condition can mimic the signs of a heart attack and various other conditions...

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Anterior Wedge Fracture to the Vertebra

Anterior wedge fractures are fractures that occur when the vertebrae in the spine break down from some form of trauma. The fracture can also be caused by cancer, osteoporosis and any number of other conditions. Symptoms often include...