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Hip articles

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Superior Gemellus

General information The gemelli are two minuscule fasciculi. As accessories to the tendon from the obturator interbus, they are received into the groove from between them. The gemellus superior, which is the smaller of the two muscles,...

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Obturator Externus

General information Obturator externus, sometimes considered part of the gluteal region, covers the anterior wall of the pelvis. Literal meaning The outer muscle that occludes. Interesting information Obturator externus is a skeletal muscle...

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Obturator Internus (hip)

General information Obturator internus is a hip joint muscle – part of the deep hip rotator group. Literal meaning The internal or middle muscle that occludes. Interesting information Obturator internus is a muscle that is situated...

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General information Pectineus is a rectangular and flat muscle in the upper interior of the hip that allows the rotation of the thigh. Literal meaning The comb muscle. Interesting information Pectineus is the most anterior of the five...

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General information The piriformis muscle is a flat muscle that lies almost analogous to the posterior border of the gluteus medius. It is one of six external muscles responsible for the lateral rotation of the femur in the joint of the...

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Psoas Major

General information Psoas major is a large muscle located in the posterior abdominal wall that helps move the upper leg and the torso closer together in a flexion movement. Literal meaning Greater loin region. Interesting information Psoas...

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General information The pubococcygeus is part of the levator ani muscle, along with the Iliococcygeus. Literal meaning The time of coming of hairs. Interesting information Its literal meaning is in reference to the appearance of hairs...

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General information The puborectalis muscle is a U-shaped sling muscle which travels from the bodies of the pubic bones, past the urogenital hiatus, and then around the anal canal. Literal meaning Straight muscle of the pubic area....

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Quadratus Femoris

General information Quadratus femoris is a hip-joint muscle that rotates the thigh, abducts the knee, and stabilizes the hip. Literal meaning Square muscle of the thigh. Interesting information Quadratus femoris is the rectangular shaped...

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General information The Quadriceps femoris are a group of four muscles in the anterior thigh compartment or the thigh extensors. They are also knee extensors and due to their size, form the bulk of the anterior thigh, covering most of the...

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Rectus Femoris

General information The rectus femoris muscle is one of the four muscles in the quadriceps within the human body. All the components for the quadriceps attach to the patella through the quadriceps tendon. This particular muscle is located...