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Shoulder articles

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Teres Minor

General information The teres minor is an elongated, narrow muscle within the rotator cuff of the shoulder. Literal meaning Lesser round or rounded off. Interesting information The rotator cuff is a muscle group that works together to give...

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Teres Major

General information The teres major is one of the muscles found in the upper arm. It is one of the seven scapulohumeral muscles in the body, involved in moving and stabilising the shoulder. Even though the muscle is thick, it is somewhat...

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General information The trapezius is a superficial muscle extending longitudinally out of the occipital bone and to the lower thoracic vertebrae and to the scapula’s spine laterally. Its primary functions are to support the arm and...

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General information The Subclavius muscle is a small, triangular muscle that is located between the first rib and the clavicle. Along with the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major, the subclavius helps to make up the anterior wall in...

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General information The Subscapularis muscle is a larger, triangular muscle that helps to fill the subscapular fossa. It is inserted into the lesser tubercle humerus as well as the front part of the capsule for the shoulder joint. Literal...

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General information The supraspinatus muscle is one of the smaller muscles within the upper back running from the supraspinatus fossa superior in the scapula to the greater tubercle within the humerus. As one of the four rotator cuff...

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Pectoralis Major

General information Pectoralis major is a large, thick, and fan-shaped muscle located on the chest that is responsible for moving the shoulder. Literal meaning The greater muscle of the breast. Interesting information Pectoralis major, also...

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Rhomboid Major

General information The rhomboid major is a type of skeletal muscle located on the back connecting with the scapula and the vertebrae within the spinal column. It works with the rhomboid minor to keep the scapula pressed to the thoracic...

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Rhomboid Minor

General information Rhomboid minor is a small muscle nestled on the back connecting with the scapula and the vertebrae of the spinal column. Located superior to the rhomboid major and inferior to the levator scapulae, it works with the...

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General information A thick, triangular muscle, infraspinatus is one of the four rotator cuff muscles, along with the subscapularis, teres minor and supraspinatus muscles. This muscle mostly covers the scapula’s dorsal surface....

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General information The deltoid muscle, otherwise known as the common shoulder muscle, forms the rounded contour of the shoulder. It consists of several sets of fibres which are independently controlled by the nervous system. It is less...