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Lumbar Spine articles

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Quadratus Lumborum

General information The Quadratus lumborum muscle is located in the lower part of the back. It boasts a quadrilateral and irregular shape and it is broader at the base than it is at the top. Literal meaning Square loin. Interesting...

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General information Multifidus is the muscle running the length of the spine that allows for rotation, extension, and lateral movement. Literal meaning Split into many parts. Interesting information Multifidus is composed of several regions...

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General information Intertransversarii, also known as the intertransverse muscles, are deep muscles of the back. Literal meaning The muscles between the transverse processes. Interesting information The intertransversarii muscles are small...

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General information Interspinales muscles are short, paired muscles sitting in the deepest layer of the intrinsic back muscles. This group of muscles consist of the interspinales cervicis, thoracis and lumborum, which get their name based...

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Iliocostalis Lumborum

  General information Iliocostalis is a dorsal muscle situated deep to the fleshy section of serratus anterior. Iliocostalis lumborum is the lower (lumbar) portion of that muscle. Literal meaning The word iliocostalis comes from the...

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Erector Spinae

General information The erector spinae muscles are part of the intrinsic back muscles and form the intermediate layer. The erector spinae are situated superficial to the transversospinales muscles and deep to the serratus posterior superior...

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Anterior Wedge Fracture to the Vertebra

Anterior wedge fractures are fractures that occur when the vertebrae in the spine break down from some form of trauma. The fracture can also be caused by cancer, osteoporosis and any number of other conditions. Symptoms often include...

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Kyphoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to treat vertebral compression (crush) fracture. Vertebral compression fractures are fractures that occur when a vertebra in the spine collapses due to trauma. The fracture can also be caused...

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Coccydynia is an inflammation of the coccyx that causes pain deep between your buttocks. It is often associated with tenderness and pain at the tailbone’s tip. Most of the time, the pain will get worse when sitting. It commonly occurs...

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Disc Herniation

Around 80% of the population will at one time or another suffer from lower back pain. Pain can range from severe to mild and be long-lasting or short-lived. Regardless of how the pain happens, lower back pain makes it quite difficult to...

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Coccyx Fracture

Fracture to the coccyx is typically caused by trauma, most commonly slipping and landing on your tailbone. It is possible to fracture, dislocate or bruise the coccyx. Even though they may be slower to heal, most of the injuries to the...

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Sacral Fracture

The sacrum is also a large, triangular bone and lies at the base of the spine. It connects to that of the pelvis. Fractures are far more common to the coccyx or the lumbar spine vertebrae. Sacral fractures are rare. The sacrum is a very...