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Pelvis articles

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Levator Ani

General information The levator ani is a broad muscular sheet situated in the pelvis and is made up of three different muscles: the puborectalis, pubococcygeus, and iliococcygeus. The levator ani and the coccygeus make up the pelvic...

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Iliocostalis Thoracis

General information Iliocostalis is a dorsal muscle situated deep to the fleshy section of serratus anterior. Iliocostalis thoracis is the upper (thoracic) portion of that muscle. Literal meaning The muscle between the ribs and the groin....

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General information Coccygeus is a sheet of muscle and fibrous tissue in the pelvic region. With the levator ani, it makes up the pelvic diaphragm which makes the pelvic inferior wall as well as the pelvic floor. Literal meaning The muscle...

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Greater Trochanteric Bursitis

Greater trochanteric bursitis, or more commonly known as "trochanteric bursitis" is an inflammation of a sac of fluid that covers the outside part of your hip. Bursitis is often caused when the bursa becomes inflamed. The bursa is a small,...

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Compartment Syndrome – Thigh/Buttocks

Compartment syndrome happens when there is an excessive amount of pressure that builds up within an enclosed space of the body. It often results from swelling or bleeding following an injury. Due to the dangerously high amount of pressure...

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Coccydynia is an inflammation of the coccyx that causes pain deep between your buttocks. It is often associated with tenderness and pain at the tailbone’s tip. Most of the time, the pain will get worse when sitting. It commonly occurs...

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Coccyx Fracture

Fracture to the coccyx is typically caused by trauma, most commonly slipping and landing on your tailbone. It is possible to fracture, dislocate or bruise the coccyx. Even though they may be slower to heal, most of the injuries to the...

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Sacral Fracture

The sacrum is also a large, triangular bone and lies at the base of the spine. It connects to that of the pelvis. Fractures are far more common to the coccyx or the lumbar spine vertebrae. Sacral fractures are rare. The sacrum is a very...

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Femoral Nerve Entrapment

Femoral nerve entrapment is the pinching of the femoral nerve at some point along its course. Most often, that occurs at the spine. Pinching of the femoral nerve will cause pain, numbness or weakness felt in the front of the thigh. Most of...

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Sciatica is nerve pain that travels down the back of the leg. It is less commonly known as either sciatic neuritis, lumbar radiculopathy or sciatic neuralgia. This is a particular set of symptoms that includes pain and is caused by an...

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Pelvis Fracture

Your pelvis is the ring of bone around your waist, and although not particularly common, a pelvic fracture can occur if one part of this ring sustains enough force. Most pelvic fractures are sports injuries, with snow sports being one of...