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Abdomen articles

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Tranversus Abdominis

General information The transversus abdominis is a broad muscular sheet situated on both the lateral sides of the abdominal wall. This muscle, along with the external abdominal oblique and the internal abdominal oblique, make up the lateral...

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Internal Oblique

  General information The internal oblique is a broad, thin muscle situated on the lateral side of the abdomen. Along with the external oblique, it comprises a layer of the inner aspect of lateral abdominal wall and the inner aspect...

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External Oblique

General information A flat superficial abdominal muscle situated in the lateral abdomen. Along with the anterior abdominal muscle this muscle forms the anterolateral abdominal wall. The fibres are located inferiorly and medially and they...

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Oblique Muscle Strain

An oblique muscle strain is a strain to one of the muscles within the abdominal wall. Muscle strains occur whenever the muscles are stretched beyond their limits. Whenever this occurs, the muscle fibers end up tearing. Most of the time, the...